tw_87-1-e1467844658951-baixa-resulucioEcoregion is the Economic Community for organic food.Ecoregió local strategy_2

We have a Question, a successful model, a project and a proposal

The QUESTION is… what happens if I invest microcapital in organic companies of my region?
I invest in production, distribution, farmers, shops, restaurants & services. 
but I’m not the only one!

We have a Successful MODEL implanted on Friburg, Germany,  where seven hundred citizens invest 3Min 20 companies. They create 150 jobs and build a strong local ecosystem. 

Now We have a PROJECT
have started to implant EcoRegion in Catalonia, the capital of this region is Barcelona. EcoRegió is supported by the Government of Catalonia, 3 universities, 5 local administrations & 30 collaborators.  

Our PROPOSAL for you its a program with 10 local dynamics to impuls EcoRegión in South of the Mediterranean.

This economical community is the best way to protect our political actions with environmental, social and economical impact.

Are you ready to build this together?





Ashoka June 16


Ashoka Summit Ecoregion